Want to kickstart your weight loss or fitness regime? Surround yourself with like-minded people and motivating trainers as you take the first step to a fitter, healthier you. Our boot camps are jam packed with motivating workouts and inspiring food. Why put off feeling good, sign up for a motive8 boot camp today!

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About Us

The team of motive8 trainers are here to motivate and educate as you start the first step of your fitness journey. Forget about your typical sargeant major instructors, our team of friendly, expert trainers make fitness fun, whilst challenging you and showing you how to how to achieve your goals.

Our boot camps are jam packed with energy and exercise, but we also focus on enjoying tasty, healthy food and educating you about how to have a healthier lifestyle so you can continue your new habits when you return home.

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The Kickstarter

The motive8 Kickstart boot camp is about you and your fitness journey. You may be completely new to exercise, already exercising but have lost your fitness mojo or you may simply just love exercise! Whoever you are, you will love motive8 boot camps. The motive8 boot camps are based on three key principles exercise for everyone, enjoyable & healthy food and education

Exercise for Everyone

Our training sessions are tailored for all abilities and fitness levels. Our trainers make your workouts fun, yet challenging and you also get the opportunity to try new activities such as archery. During boot camp if you decide an activity is not for you, don't worry you can opt out but we encourage everyone to give everything a go!

Before you come to boot camp you will have a 30 minute consultation with a motive8 trainer where we discuss your goals and help you choose the best classes for you.

Enjoyable, Healthy Food

Who said healthy food has to be boring? Not us! Enjoyable, tasty food is a key part of your boot camp experience. At the start of each meal we explain the nutritional benefits of what you are eating and provide recipe cards to take away.


If you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, you’re more likely to stick to your regime and reap the rewards long term. Educational seminars are a key part of boot camp and there is plenty of time to pick our brains with any question you may have during boot camp.

After boot camp, join our social media groups and receive regular newsletters, workouts and recipes to help keep you motivated. If you live in Leeds you can continue your fitness journey by coming to our classes or having a personal training session. Don’t live in Leeds? No worries, we offer online training. Contact us at for more information.

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Your Motive8 Journey


Our trainers will provide you with tailored advice both before and after your weekend to ensure your healthy lifestyle starts straight away and continues after you’ve left.


We create fun, relaxed weekends, unlike your typical bootcamp. We don’t use military styles but instead make getting fit fun and rewarding!


We offer a wide range of exercise sessions which are suitable for everyone. Our trainers are fully qualified in all aspects of health and fitness and are there to motivate and educate you along the way.


As well as providing delicious, healthy meals throughout the weekend you will also learn about nutrition. You receive recipe cards so you can continue to cook delicious food at home.


Arrive at the gorgeous Lineham Farm between 5:30-7pm, unpack, relax and get ready for an action packed weekend!


Find out more about what you will be doing during the kicktstarter boot camp and get to know your fellow ‘boot-campers’ and the motive8 team.

2 Course Evening Meal

All healthy, enjoyable food which you can easily make at home. During the evening there is plenty of opportunity to get to know everyone at boot camp.

Wake Up Yoga or Wake Up HIIT

Come along to Wake Up Yoga if you want to challenge and strengthen your body with a series of stretches, yoga postures and sequences.

If you want to start your day on a high then Wake Up HIIT is for you! A high intensity interval training session to blast away the cobwebs and burn fat.


Re-fuel with a healthy breakfast after your first workout and get energised for the rest of the day.


Join one of the motive8 trainers on a hike of varying distances and intensities for different abilities. A great way to take in some of the amazing local countryside and enjoy the great outdoors.


Grab a breather, re-hydrate and refuel with a healthy protein based snack ready for your next workout of the day!

Boxercise or Outdoor Boot Camp

Boxercise- Jab, hook and upper cut your way to fitness whilst torching calories. A great, workout which is guaranteed to help you de-stress too!

Outdoor Boot Camp - an amazing total body workout, focusing on fat burning, toning and improving your strength. A total calorie guzzler!


Replenish your energy levels and learn about the benefits of what you are eating. During lunch there is the opportunity to ask the motive8 team any fitness-related questions you may have.

Motivational Talk

Join us to find out why preparation and planning are the key to success in achieving your health and fitness goals.

M8 Pump or Body Weight Conditioning

M8 Pump is a weight-based workout focusing on toning and strengthening. This workout uses the major muscle groups of the body and is a great fat burning workout.

Our Body Weight Conditioning class shows that toning and strengthening can be done without any equipment. Learn new exercises to take away and do at home without the need to join a gym!

Archery and Orienteering

Being fitter and healthier doesn’t always mean running and jumping around! Be active by simply moving around as you try these new activities - archery (1hr 15 mins), orienteering (1 hr 15 mins).

Own Time

Time to shower, freshen up and relax. Share your achievements with the other boot camp members.

Healthy Eating Seminar

Before we sit down for your evening meal we look at the foundations of a healthy diet, which you can maintain long term.

3 Course Evening Meal

Time to relax and enjoy a nutrient-packed, post workout meal. Full of protein to aid muscle recovery, and low GI carbohydrates to fuel tomorrow’s training sessions.



An awesome way to start the day, is a combination of Pilates and Yoga. This is a low impact workout, designed to burn fat and tone.


An awesome way to start the day, PiYO is a combination of Pilates and Yoga. This is a low impact workout, designed to burn fat and tone.


We often grab breakfast on the go, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so relax after your first workout of the day and enjoy a healthy breakfast.

M8 Pump or M8 Kettlebell and Body Weight Conditioning

M8 Pump is a weight-based workout focusing on toning and strengthening the major muscle groups of the body.

The M8 Kettlebell and Body Weight Conditioning class combines kettlebells and body weight exercises for a great strengthening working, designed to sculpt and tone.


Re-fuel and re-hydrate ready for your final workouts at boot camp.

M8 HIIT or Outdoor Circuit Training

M8 HIIT – Come along to M8 HIIT for your final fat burning, fitness session of the day. Guzzle calories burn fat and get fit!

Outdoor Circuit Training – Your final circuit of the day, is based on fitness, fat burning and toning. An awesome total body, total fitness workout!


Join everyone for the final ‘workout’ of the day with a game of rounders. A fun way to finish boot camp with your team mates.

M8 Stretch

After a jam packed weekend of exercise this is the perfect way to finish. Stretch your muscle and take some to reflect on achievements during boot camp.

Own Time

Pack up your belongings and get ready for the final healthy meal at boot camp.

Lunch (aka The Last Supper)

Join the boot camp team for one last healthy meal and the chance to ask any final questions or advice you may have.


1 Night Stay

from £199*
*Earlybird price
1 night shared accomodation
Tailored activity schedule
Meals and snacks
Educational seminars
Workout and recipe cards
motive8 goody bag
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from £169*
*Earlybird price
Tailored activity schedule
Meals and snacks (excluding Sat night)
Educational seminars
Workout and recipe cards
motive8 goody bag
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Bootcamp FAQS

Motive8 boot camps are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. Our instructors are great at adapting all workouts to ensure that everyone works at their own intensity and never feel out of place. We offer various activities throughout the day, and offer different intensity options during all of the workouts.

On Friday night you will get to know your fellow boot campers and the motive8 team over a healthy 2 course meal and quiz. Then get an early night and get ready for an action packed Saturday!

Both Saturday and Sunday start with workout designed to invigorate and wake up the body, this is followed by a healthy, wholesome breakfast. The rest of the days are packed with a combination of high intensity and lower intensity workouts, mixed with educational seminars and healthy, wholesome food.

Download a typical weekend schedule here
Download SChedule

We offer a range of activities throughout the boot camp. These vary from lower intensity options such as Yoga and PiYo, to higher intensity options such as High Intensity Interval Training, Circuit Training and Boot Camp Workouts. We also focus on strength training and show you exercises you can do at home without any equipment.

During boot camp we also go on a hike in the surrounding areas, with different distances for different fitness levels.

No! We appreciate that some rest is needed during boot camp, therefore regular rest/meal breaks are scheduled throughout the day.

At motive8 we are huge believers in education, therefore we also hold seminars throughout the boot camp to educate you about nutrition and exercise so you can continue your good habits after boot camp.

A huge part of the motive8 philosophy is enjoying healthy food, so you will also have the opportunity to enjoy lots of healthy, tasty food.

Whilst many boot camps are full of scary sergeant major type instructors we are not like that! Yes, the motive8 team will push you and work you hard (it is boot camp after all!) but if you have given something a whirl and it’s not for you, or you need a break because you’re tired we won’t force you to do anything.

Everything is optional.

No!! We are massive believers in educating boot campers that healthy food can be tasty and enjoyable and we don’t believe in scrimping on portion size! With this in mind you will enjoy healthy, wholesome breakfasts and tasty lunches and snacks. On Friday and Saturday you will enjoy a 2 and 3 course meal respectively. We also provide recipe cards so you can enjoy healthy food once you return home.

Download a typical menu here
Download Menu

Yes, when you have your telephone consultation with your motive8 trainer please let them know about any special dietary requirements so we can cater for you.

Yes, we do allow you to pay for bootcamps (we don't like to stop people being active!). Contact us at or call us on 0113 243 0161 and we will be happy to discuss your options with you.

We would love to say yes, but call us first on 0113 243 0161 so you can discuss your injuries with a motive8 trainer first before booking.

Our accommodation is shared accommodation, up to 4 people sharing a room in bunk beds. If you’re coming to boot camp with friends then let us know and we will make sure you are all sharing a room together!

Lineham Farm is a short distance from Leeds City Centre. If you are travelling by car we have plenty of parking.

If you are travelling be train, and would like picking up from the train station please email us at at least 48 hours before your boot camp starts and we can arrange for you to be picked up.

Before we get to the practicalities one of the things we ask you to bring is an open mind! Even if you’ve not done any of the activities before, give them a whirl. If you feel completely out of your depth then we won’t make you continue but we do encourage you to try everything.

Items to bring:

  • Exercise clothing - enough for 3 days worth of exercise
  • Trainers - suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use
  • Sturdy trainers or walking boots for the hike
  • Waterproof jacket for outdoor activities
  • Sweat towel
  • Water bottle
  • Clothes for the evening/chill out time
  • Oh, and lots of enthusiasm!

All snacks and food are provided.

Don’t worry there will be other people in your shoes. The motive8 trainers are a friendly bunch and will make you feel welcome! On Friday evening we have a fun quiz so everyone gets to know each other... and we guarantee you will leave with a new set of friends!

Yes, indeed! For us this is about your fitness journey, not just a one-hit wonder boot camp! Before you arrive you will have a 30 minute phone consultation with a motive8 trainer, where we get to know more about you and your goals and help you choose the right exercise sessions for you.

After boot camp you can join our social media groups to receive regular recipes, workouts and motivation! If you live in Leeds, you might want to come along to one of our classes or have personal training sessions. If you don't live in Leeds, we can provide online support.

Are you stuck in rut with your training? Do you need to kickstart your fitness or weight loss regime? Bored with your current exercise regime/eating habits and want some inspiration? Or do you simply love to exercise? YES! This boot camp is for you. All of our trainers are very friendly, and don’t bite so if you’re sat thinking, I’d love to attend but I’m worried about whether it’s for me then give us a call on 0113 243 0161 so we can chat through your concerns with you.


Lineham Farm
Swan Lane
Eccup, Leeds
LS16 8AZ

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